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Площадка «Centro Costa Salguero»

Город/Регион: Буэнос-Айрес / Аргентина

Адрес: Av. Costanera R. Obligado y J. Salguero

Телефон: +54 11 5093 8300, +54 47795300, +54 1148088300

Факс: +54 11 4808 8320


Контактное лицо: President: Lic. Fernando Polledo, Executive Director: Lic. Enrique Pichon Rivi?re and Mr. Adri?n Ollivier

Сайт: http://+54 11 4808 8320

Nowadays Centro Costa Salguero is actually one of the most important exhibition and events center in the city of Buenos Aires.

Origin of Centro Costa Salguero S. A. was in 1993. Facilities were inaugurated in May 1994, with four pavilions and an auditorium with a total covered area of 11.000 m2.

After the inauguration of pavilions 5 and 6 in 1998 and 1999 respectively, the venue counts with 20.000 m2 of indoor area plus an added outdoor area of parking lots and open space area, occupying over 40.000 m2 of the 17 hectares area of the COSTA SALGUERO COMPLEX.

The venue has been constructed to best take advantage of space, maximizing the surface area to provide the most contiguous square meters possible. The concrete paneled walls and thermal treated roof guarantee the maximum insulation from exterior weather conditions. The entire facility is equipped with air conditioning and heating systems guaranteeing comfort in both summer and winter.
Both lighting systems and electrical systems have been designed to respond to the demands of a wide range of activities and events.

Telephone and Internet services are available, as are both water and drainage connections. Centro Costa Salguero's six pavilions are equipped with the latest technology. The facility features a 800 person, multi-use auditorium, two additional smaller conference rooms, ticket booths, cloakrooms, store rooms, catering facilities and ample restrooms.

Размеры площадки: 40.000 m2

На данный момент у нас нет свободных мест для проведения семинаров.

Как проехать: Bus line 33:
From: Quilmes.
To: Ciudad Universitaria (only branchline "Ciudad Universitaria").
Bus line 37:
From: Lanus.
To: Ciudad Universitaria (only branchline 4, by Costanera). Stop on Av. R. Obligado and Sarmiento.
Bus line 45:
From: R. De Escalada.
To: Ciudad Universitaria (only branchline "Ciudad Universitaria").
Bus line 160:
From: Claypole.
To: Ciudad Universitaria (only branchline to Ciudad Universitaria). Stop on Av. Sarmiento and Av. Lugones.

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