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Площадка «Аэропорт Cascais (Cascais Aerodrome)»

Город/Регион: Эшторил / Португалия

Адрес: Aer?dromo Municipal de Cascais - Tires, 2785-632
S. Domingos de Rana - Portugal

Телефон: +351 (21) 445 73 00

Факс: +351 (21) 445 17 56


Сайт: http://www.aerodromo-cascais.pt

The Airfield of the Municipality of Cascais is situated just 30kms from Lisbon’s international airport and is home to numerous flying schools, maintenance and service companies.

It has a 1700 metres ( 5170 feet ) long, cement and tar landing strip, prepared to handle traffic up to 40 tons. The landing strip also possesses light signalisation, approaching lights and Apapis system.

Its proximity to Lisbon, concerning the easy access through the high-way (A5) Lisbon - Cascais, the quality of the public and operational areas, the facilities, the rigour in which the Master Plan has been followed, the protection to the Aeronautical Servitudes and the abiding to the measures related to the acoustical impact on the way to minimise the effect of noise on the urban areas closer to the landing strip make this airport structure one of the most modern and secure of its category, leading to an increasing demand from general and regional aviation.

All of the above aids to replicate the successful Helitech formula, allowing ample room for a glass-fronted exhibition hall with hospitality chalets alongside overlooking a static display area.

Exhibitors will also be able to offer ad-hoc demonstration flights to potential customers. Visitors wishing to fly in are also most welcome.

Размеры площадки: It has a 1700 metres ( 5170 feet ) long

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